New VIP Experience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed!

We are delighted to share with you a new VIP experience at the Festival of Speed, the Surtees Pavilion. Named after John Norman Surtees, who was a British Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and Formula One driver. One of Britain’s most adaptable, successful, and beloved drivers.

An exclusive space that can hold up to 70 individuals in arguably the best trackside location on the Hill Climb. With car enthusiast and Michelin star chef Ollie Dabbous providing a theatrical and immersive dining experience accompanied by a private mixologist based within the pavilion all day.

The menu is one of the Surtees main selling points. The aim for the menu was to reimagine handmade British cuisine that infuses a healthier twist on favourite summer classics. The combination of luxury and homeliness with a natural style of cooking, using local and Goodwood produce as his ingredients. It is also key to mention that Ollie is a fan of the Festival of speed himself so he understands the importance of being able to always watch the cars going up the hillclimb. Which correlates into his food by being easy to eat and moveable. With this constant flow of food, he is ensuring that nothing on the track is missed.


  • Admission badge
  • Intimate private enclosure access for the day
  • Superb track viewing and balcony
  • Mixologist on hand to make your favourite cocktail
  • Theatrical and delicious food dishes served throughout the day
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks included
  • Live DJ, indoor and outdoor space with casual seating
  • Special onsite parking
  • Event programme and earpiece radio
  • Live stream TV in the garden and lounge

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